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Members will only be invited to membership by existing members completing a nomination form which is then emailed to all other members for approval.

A Professional Speaker must be someone who is seen by other speakers within the industry to be professional, and to earn a substantial income from their already established speaking skills.

A member can be a keynote speaker, a workshop or seminar presenter, or a trainer, or a consultant who does speaking, as well as established business and sports people who have speaking as an adjunct to their career.

Final approval of admittance will be by the Executive Director. Guidance from a Speakers members forum or board of senior experienced speakers will form future policies and direction of the organisation.

The vision for Professional Speakers New Zealand is to create an environment where professional speakers can share their successes, can be stimulated, and receive awards and rewards from collective membership.

To raise the bar in professionalism in the speaking industry in NZ and be leaders that other speakers aspire to emulate and to share the latest technologies, trends and market opportunities in the industry"

Professional Speakers NZ will run 4 events per year, one every quarter, which will be in the form of a event function dinner, celebrating success, sharing ideas, and will be open only to members and members’ guests (approved).

There will be a monthly email to members talking about successes that individual members have had, highlighting opportunities that there are available for speaking at conferences and events, and special member opportunities.

Members will receive negotiated benefits relating to travel, accommodation, printing, equipment rentals, recording, DVD and video production, and other benefits as negotiated from time to time.

Members will receive on admission to membership the presentation of a membership scroll certificate.

Affiliations with overseas international speaking associations that share the same professional fellowship will be available to members.

A website for Professional Speakers NZ will be provided, which will list the members and their contacts, and have links to members’ websites.

The website will be promoted to event and conference organisers, and will also act as a forum for sharing successes and testimonials from clients.

Members will be entitled to use the Professional Speakers NZ logo on their own website, printed material, and electronic emails, as recognition of their status of membership.

Members’ Ethics

Members agree:
1. That their speaking presentations will always be of the highest standard, above expectations of the client, truly representing their knowledge of the subject, and designed to stimulate the audience.

2. That no material will have been copied from another speaker, without acknowledgement or the approval of the originator.

3. In the unlikely event of a client dispute over the quality of a presentation, that the client will receive a full refund of all fees, plus be offered a replacement presentation at a future date.

4. That the speaker will not bring into disrepute Professional Speakers NZ in any way.

5. That each member, wherever possible, to recommend the services of another PSNZ member

Membership Fees
The membership fee will be $200 + GST per year. These included attendance at the 4 events with a dinner, monthly e-news, website detail recognition, certificate scroll of membership, use of the logo, website link, membership benefits with suppliers.

The membership fee is to be paid at the time of nomination, by either cash, cheque,direct credit, Mastercard, Visa, or Bartercard. As a subscription it is tax deductible.

Should your membership nomination be unsuccessful your membership fee will be refunded in full.

Annual membership fees will be set by the Executive Director & board of senior members from time to time.

Reasons for declining membership do not have to be disclosed to nominated members.

A member can have their membership terminated if their professional skill creates client complaints or other speakers’ concerns, or has failed to pay their annual membership, or is bringing the organisation’s professional standing into disrepute.

Future Events
It is planned to include an annual awards dinner, recognising professional success in the speaking business, and to promote charitable speaking events where members will speak to raise funds for nominated charitable organisations.

Visiting overseas guest professional speakers will be invited to meet with Professional Speakers NZ members during their visits, and encouraged to pass on their skills and networks.

Media releases on members’ successes will be released from time to time by the Executive Director.

All communication to members will be by email and texting.

The members’ database will not be made available to external organisations, but agreed member supplier partnerships will be promoted and offered to members through the Executive Director.

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