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Creating Opportunities for Marketing Success

Make Richard  your On-Call, On-Contract, Business Advisor, Coach, mentor, consultant.
Problem solving, Planning, Marketing, brand, Strategy Consulting etc...
Quite probably, the most cost effective way of having the best Business Expertise all the time.

Richard will use his in-depth knowledge, expertise and  skills, to develop with you, Marketing Strategies and Practices that will put your business far ahead of your competition!
Learn with Richard - he will help you to both learn and apply the principles of Marketing.  or use  Richard as your coach and mentor  tonhelp you stay on track or make great decisions

  • Strategy Planning
    Setting prices, Segmentation, New Product Launch, New Service Launch, Tactics for Business Development, People Planning, Skill Appraisals.

    Practical marketing development ideas that overcomes strategic marketing problems
    Marketing branding Strategist & business   growth.

    Creative marketing , today business calls for more than basic marketing skills , it takes that knowledge and uses the  media choices to best communicate, this is creative marketing taking products and services to the many different distribution channels.
  • Research
    Creating and analysing Customer Research.
    Remuneration strategies to find the best process to maximize incentive and lessen the risk.
    Problem solver, give me the hard marketing and business opportunities and review the ideas to solve and be helped to make the best decision.
  • Coach  & mentor:  working with you  to help you make the  right decisions on  marketing, branding, sales, and business  management, not telling you what to do but providing  a opinion or alternative  sounding board.  or strategies  that have worked  from my experience to  get  actions done faster.
  • Presentation
    Creating Benefit Images for Products and Services. 
    Tender Proposals and Efficient Packaging.
  • Export  and  Business startup
    Exploring Opportunities & Developing New Off-Shore Markets.
    Business Ideas either for start up or to rebuild or re brand or export  are best created when you understand the marketing forces and distribution channels.
  • Distribution
    Determining Channels of Distribution and Motivating Distributors through Incentive Programmes.
    Decisions can be made to move forwards when you step aside from day to day issues, this is made easy when Richard works with you to develop your answers
  • Sales
    Reviewing Sales Systems, People and Structures.
    Developing Efficient & Motivated Sales Staff.  S
    Selling Skills teaching, via practical learning and proven programs, over 79,000 participants have completed “Sales basics”
    Strategic   selling, Selling   via thinking better from the strategy approach to selling.
  • Promotion
    Review of Advertising Expenditure and Recommending Innovative Media Strategies. Creating Add Messages, and Copy Communication. Production of Television Commercials, Creation of Direct Marketing Strategies for Communication. Creating Messages for News Media,
    Marketing success based on practical actions that don’t cost large $$$ but do get results and you help create what you want to achieve. With over 800 plus consulting assignments Richard know s how to listen and get your business working better for you and your team.
Richard's recipe for business success:
To work with Business Owners and add to their expertise with a focus on  results from  the "Team Approach" to managing and developing the Business. 

Examples  include:

Profit analysis, is vital for growth in your business, and the tools of analysis are can be developed to make quality decisions based on profit not good feelings.

Richard's Services are available on a  hourly  or  Monthly  or project Contract and you may have him for as long as you need.
For some operations a short assignment is what's needed to re-train, re-focus and re-develop, and for others a monthly arrangement that lasts over several years, works particularly well.
  • Coach & Mentor coaching that helps you develop not process ideas
  • Conference Speaking & Key Note Speeches
  • Practical marketing development ideas that overcome strategic marketing problems
  • Sales Management skill and motivation  development.
  • Web Seminars live on line learning Web on airs,Web Cam communication for live one to one mentoring
  • Time management seminars, coaching and books
  • Productivity improvements for sales teams
  • TV  and   all  media advertising promotion creation and production
  • Profiling to find the right people
  • Mediator between issues and people to help move forward, more than negotiation, getting the parties to think like the other party and solve the opportunity.
  • Decision maker when needed for problem solving or company direction
  • Company Director availability restricted to clients who desire a further governance skill to establish and reach goals.
  • MC, master of ceremonies  can be the person who helps make your function or conference really get participation, Richard’s speaking skills and MC helps make you look  great and the audience feel participative for the cause.
  • Sales Audits, to establish what flows from the first enquiry of your customers to fulfillments, identifying blockages and focus on efficiency of the selling process.
  • Marketing Audits, to establish where you are now in the eyes of your customers , staff and   future developments.

Corporate Assignments
These are often focussed on specific Problem Solving and also Skill Development of Managers.

Marketing Strategies
Hourly rate $180 an hour + GST
Monthly fees from $1,000 plus GST
90 day Action Project Packages from $3,000 plus GST

Mentor/coaching  from  $500  month +gst.

Training, seminars,  from $2000  half day  -  $3000  full day,  key note conference speaking  $1000-  $2000 +gst

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EXTENDED  DISC :  the best way to evaluate  your self or your team  and  plan future training or  selection of Winners
Profiling to find the right people
Disc Profiling to help your staff understand their strengths and weakness
To see  a Power point  explaining  what you can learn  :more
The  email  me  and I can set you up to   do  Extended Disc  profiles on line : and help you  understand the results : Your investment is NZ  or Aust  $150 per report.




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